Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Entry

I have never written a blog before but I decided to start one to help me deal with the loss of our baby girl, Isabella Rose. Isabella was such a blessing and taught me so many things in her short 6 days here on earth. I miss her more and more everyday and I hope that one day my entries will be more hopeful and happy instead of sad and angry. I know that I am grieving and I always will grieve for her but I also want to share happy moments and memories of my darling Isabella. Hopefully this blog can provide an outlet to me where I can feel free to express my feelings about our family's terrible loss. I also hope that reading about my experiences can help other mother's who are going through this terrible tragedy and maybe these mothers can find some comfort in my words or just comfort knowing that there are other mother's who are in pain as well.

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  1. Denielle

    Your blog is beautiful and I love the title and especially the dandelions in the corner- they are my favorite flower-as they blow in the wind and send their seeds and begin again wherever they land. My heart aches for you and know this is the hardest thing you will face in this life. Isabella was loved by all of us and she fought so very hard. It is normal to feel all that you are feeling right now and will always feel. You must keep thinking that she would not have had a good quality of life if the outcome were different. I know that does not help much but we are not supposed to understand the why's of some things in life. They are put in our path for reasons unknown. You are a strong person and wonderful mother- and as the days go on you will feel lighter in your heart and mind and will be able to let good things take the place of your sorrow. I am always thinking and praying for you and your family-and am always here to listen to you my dear little niece-hoping the days ahead bring comfort and clarity to your mind-be good to yourself and know that your family is here for you-Love Aunt Cindy